Tuesday, 5 February 2019


Today is the 5th of February 2019. Already. The snow came, went and will probably come again.

Image result for Caesar AugustusAfter Twelfth Night, the tinsel stuff was packed away, but I hadn't stowed the nativity set away. I'd got used to seeing small cast of characters parade along the mantelpiece.

A few days away in Dublin happened and then I spotted the whole gang still there, quite comfortable. For a moment I hesitated but they didn't seem appropriate any longer, especially as by then I was ferreting through all the bills & receipt for the tax returns. 

A new arrival - an imposing Augustus Caesar figurine? or a Herod? - might have fitted the atmosphere, but he would arrive too late. So back into their seasonal gold biscuit tin the holy folk went and away into the cupboard. The tin isn't used for real biscuits, obviously.

Joy! The the dread paperwork was safely done, the money paid and returns sent to HMRC. Sighs of relief and wide vistas opening out around me . . . . .  

And then came the wild fantasy. 
Could the Cranky Laptop blog be brought to life again? 
Re-started? Be useful - and be fun?
The timing is well more than appropriate, machine-wise. The morning after The Tax was done, I cheerfully sat down at my ancient Desktop Box and pressed the big round button. The blue circle of light flickered on, as normal, and then off and the humming stopped. The Destop went ominously quiet and dark . . . . 

Oh well. . . . Oh bother.. . . And more . . .

So here I am, with the Destop dead, getting used to my New Blue laptop all over again. I have loved and admired the slim new thing greatly: for a start it works without the yards of power cable its very Cranky Laptop predecessor needed all the time.

However, I have Tech Imposter Syndrome. Unfamiliar keyboard layouts and actions easily send me into a panic.  What better way to face the unfamiliarity than crank up the blog once more? And so it begins . . .

Image result for Apples wikipediaIf you see a tear-stain on a post here, don’t be alarmed. I’m not really alarmed either for the word is that Blogs are No Longer Read by anyone, not even by those who write them. Slipping back into the cavernous, almost anonymous silence feels so much easier.

As nobody knew I'd left, nobody will know I'm back, la la la! Makes writing the wittering words much easier.

Back soon. 

Off to make an apple crumble, which is a very comforting thing to do on a wintry afternoon, don't you think?


  1. Commenting on the fact that the post arrived and is visible, as with various system changes, I wasn't sure I'd even be allowed in again.